uSbuntu Live Creator


Create a USB directly from Windows with Ubuntu


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There´s more and more available facilities to try GNU/Linux distributions like Ubuntu without altering the state of our system.

One of the biggest advances after the appearance of 'LiveCDs' has been the installation in USB Memory Sticks of complete distributions, so we can work on them without having to `touch´ our hard drives.

uSbuntu Live Creator allows us to create an Ubuntu USB Live directly on a USB Memory Stick in a simple and easy way.

The creation process in this installation is divided into five well differentiated and comprehensible steps for all users, from beginners to experts.

These steps are: selection of the USB unit, selection of the distributions to be installed, selection of the amount of space we want to keep to save our information, mark options like the concealment of the system files on the USB and process confirmation.

In this way, uSbuntu Live Creator turns into an excellent alternative for trying Ubuntu.
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